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Create music

Playing the piano                     
is a movement of fingers,
Playing Music Designer          
is a movement of thought

If you want to compose a track automatically

put on the stage at least
one musical instrument 

If you want to create a track based on your own melody

play the tune on the piano
built-in in the app

You can hum
the melody

Just press the microphone
when creating the project;


Music Designer is a very simple-to-use computerized composer.
Nowadays, it is not necessary to know the musical notation to compose music. Music Designer application will create the unique composition in a few minutes under your guidance.
You can play the melody on the piano or hum it into the microphone, and the application will arrange it by itself. You just need to select the instruments and click the Play button, and the application will do everything else!
And this is not all! Using additional settings of the instruments you can create very interesting unique melodies and combinations of instrument sounds in different styles and genres.
The most interesting is that Music Designer allows you to record both MIDI file and the score composed by you. The variants of their use are limited only by the user’s imagination.
For example, after creating the track you like you can immediately send the project to your friends directly from the application and together with it you can immediately send MIDI audio file and the notes of your track in PDF format.
Or you can send the MIDI file to your PC with the professional musical sound record studio installed, and use this MIDI to accelerate the process of creation of your sound tracks for YouTube! We win you the time!
Using the built-in MDSN tools, the Music Designer’s users can even upload their creations right from the applications to be seen by everyone, you can share your project, records in MIDI format with built-in player and viewing the notes in dynamics as the track plays.
Any track ever created in Music Designer will be saved automatically. You can quickly export the most successful creations to any professional musical software and use them to compose professional music. Create unique and beautiful tracks in Music Designer, and share them with your friends.
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